Cute Cat Pictures - A Piece of Meat

This is my cute cat pictures... a story about a piece of meat!!! The cat pictures were taken before lunch... while my sister prepare to cook some meat for our lunch. In fact these cute cat pictures were taken in different month, day and time. I just trying to blend this cat pictures to make a nice story about a piece of meat.

cute cat picture in the shoe - Comel young brother
I'm ready to attack....!
This is Kiko, my youngest kitten. I took this cat picture when I saw my cat trying to hide herself in my shoe and starring at... and suddenly jump out...!!

cute cat picture - give me some
Hey where is mine!! I took this cat picture when Kiko trying to deal something with her sister, Comel

cute cat picture - I need it
I believe!! Kiko trying to say something to her sister... might be.. Please give me some I am hungry....

cute cat picture - please
I was very interesting to take this cat picture because the dealing and argument are still continue and suddenly warrrrrr!!!

cute cat picture - go away
I said "Go away don't disturb me... this is mine" This is the last cat pictures taken before the dealing is over.

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Skippy said...

Love the one in the shoe. :) These could easily be art. I'm a cat fan myself as you can tell. Nice job!

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