Cute Kitten and Cat Pictures

"Comel" my kitten name... Meow...!!!

cute cat picture image - baby kitten picture, 5 mths old
My cat picture was taken when she leaned against the wall. This is one of her favorite place to get some rest. I can't imagine how cute my cat picture is...

cute cat picture - baby kitten picture
Comel picture, she just 5 months old... so cute. I took this cat picture when she was playing with my camera

my cute cat picture - kitten mum picture
Calm... Comel's mum picture, behind her are my pillows and blanket. This cat picture was taken while she was lying on my bed

black cute cat picture - kitten dad picture
Looks so surly... Comel's dad picture

cute cat picture image1
She was not realize I took her picture....

cute cat picture image2
She is a shy girl... When I took her picture, Comel try to hide her face

cute cat picture image3
Hey!!! Don't take my photo. I know... you like to take my cute face picture. I believe that, this is my favorite cat picture before I decided to put them on my Cute Cat Picture blog. More my cat pictures at gambar kucing


Milk Bar said...

So Cute ^^

malawika said...

Yeesss, those cats are really cute :)

I have a blog about cats too: CatS ARe CraZY

Susantha Herath said...

very nice, cute. I just lost my kitten (2 months old) 4 days ago and still not found. I am in very very sad mood these days, her mom also. I am sad all the time I saw a little kitten on the net. Hope my little kitten will return home soon, ooh I don't know she is just 2 months, so little. Mmmmm..... I'm sad, so sad.

malawika said...

All happy family :)
Please add some photos! Your cats are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Great cat pics

Thanks for them

I have 2 great guys myself.

jessiegrl97 said...

OMG this picures are so cool!!!
how many cats do you have??

More beautiful cat pictures on the planet visit gambar kucing there are lots of cat pictures there

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