My Cute Cat Pictures

These are some of my latest cat pictures and Persian cat picture

Persian cat pictures
The Persian cat picture. This is a local mix Persian cat picture. In fact this is not my cat picture but it is so cute cat then I decide to take her picture. This Persian cat picture was taken at a restaurant. It is so cute cat..!

my cute kitten picture
The cute kitten picture. This is my youngest kitten picture, her name is Kiko. Birth date is 3rd of Oct, 2007 (Friday). Damn cute picture..! I love this cute picture so much.

Kiko and Comel cute cat picture
Picture of Kiko and her sister, Comel. This cat picture was taken while they sat on top of my monitor.

Black cat picture
This is Kiko and Comel's daddy picture. I took this cat picture when Black sat on my chest. My chest is one of his favorite place to get some rest.

cute sleeping cat picture
Cute sleeping cat picture. Kiko and her mother. Their picture was taken while sleeping on my red plastic chair.

family sleeping cute cat picture
The cat picture of sleeping cat family. The picture of Kiko, her mother and her father. This cat picture taken while they slept on my green theme bed

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STRYKER said...

love the cats ..great photos

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